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posted 30 Jan 2021, 04:31 by Tony Cattermole
Dear all

In order to amplify recent posts, answer questions, and repeat appropriate links I hope that the following will help:-

The link to the latest Statutory Instrument is repeated here: -

This has been passed by Parliament (both Houses) and awaits signature by the Minister.

We await news from the Home Office regarding the signature date confirming the new law and the transition period details. As soon as we know these, members will be informed.

If you are not familiar with the Home Office Guide on Firearms Licensing Law - see link.

Chapter 9 deals with Sect 7 Historic Pistols and Chapter 8 Antiques.

You may find those helpful, especially 9, if you are not familiar with them. 

My earlier posts on the website and forum set out the history of this issue starting with the Law Commission review in 2015. 

The following may be of assistance.

When transferred to FAC as a Sect 1 item, an ex 58(2) may only be possessed (as described in Sect 126 of the Policing and Crime Act 2017). 

It will require you to have your own Sect 5 RFD to sell it. That is why Sect 7 is the best alternative as the Sect 7 rules allow more flexibility. The Sect 7.1 option will likely apply to most pistols affected. 

Any longarm chambered in the cartridges removed from the list will be Sect 1 and we understand can be added to an FAC and handled as such.

For the seven revolver models involved you do not have to prove good reason to put them on FAC - they will also be a collection.

However you will have to comply with all the other arrangements and security as required for an FAC item. 

If you have these 58(2)s to deal with then you must apply for an FAC or variation during the transition period, as mentioned, yet to be confirmed. Once you have done so you will be deemed to have complied even if the issue of your documents goes beyond the transition period. 

You may also sell these items as a 58(2) during the transition period. Of course if you wish to sell one of the Sect 58(2) items now you may do so. 

Once the Law is in place, those of you who have rifles chambered for the cartridges added to the Obsolete List (see list in earlier post) which you no longer wish to shoot, you may dispose of any ammunition you possess and tell the police that you wish the rifle(s) removed from your FAC as you will hold them under Sect 58(2.).

I hope that this is helpful. Please contact me by email if you have specific questions. 

To repeat what I wrote in an earlier post - the pressures on the law abiding collecting and shooting community, both in modern society and from officialdom have never been greater. Our mission of preserving heritage remains of great importance.

Best wishes
Derek Stimpson