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Shooting programme - March 2020

posted 1 Mar 2020, 14:28 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 1 Mar 2020, 14:28 ]
Dear Members

We have two shoots this March.

The Long Range .22 rimfire and Historic Miniature Rifle Competition is on Sunday 22nd March. As usual this will be shot at 200 yards in the morning and 300 yards in the afternoon.

The match organiser is Mike Townsend, booking is already open for this competition through the HBSA website here>>>.

There seems little point asking in advance for volunteers to help as we normally don’t get any! If you are co-opted on the day to help please cooperate gracefully, this enables the match organisers to shoot and gives the people running it a break.

To enable rifles to be perfectly zeroed for the Sunday, the midweek rifle practice on Wednesday 18th March will also be shot at 200 am and 300 pm. Terry Hoskins RO morning David Carroll RO in the afternoon. These shoots are self-marking, all shooters will be required to do a session in the butts. Fee £10.00 am and £10.00 pm.

Dave Carroll