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Shooting Section Report 2014

posted 4 Jan 2015, 13:33 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 4 Jan 2015, 13:36 ]
The HBSA shooting program for 2014 culminated with the annual Wappenshaw meeting. This is when members have the chance to enjoy a morning’s shoot and then reflect upon their achievements during the year over lunch with fellow members of the association.

This meeting marks the end of one year and the start of the next and is a time to reflect.

As you will all be aware Mark Hodgins retired from his position as Rifle Practice Secretary at the end of 2013.

To say that Mark has been missed would be an understatement, but with lots of hard work from a small number of volunteers and the support of the HBSA Council we have been able to successfully run a high proportion of the Shooting Calendar which Mark had put together during his time as Rifle Practice Secretary.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who attended this year’s shooting events and in particular the volunteers who helped in the organization and running of these activities.

Without this support we would not be able to provide such a wide variety of events and activities.

The same small group of volunteers has been very busy over the last quarter of 2014 putting together a full program of shooting events for 2015.

The HBSA shooting calendar has been created and can be viewed or downloaded via the HBSA website but may be subject to change so please visit the website for the most up to date information .

Various members have once more agreed to run the major competitions and the very successful mid-week shoots.

However your association and fellow shooters need assistance throughout the year running the practice days and to help out on match days.

Give the organizers a break and let them shoot, that way we all benefit.

Any one prepared to offer their services and assist in the running of competitions and practice days should contact Mike Townsend who is co-ordinating range booking, markers and RCO,s.

It may be the case that the NRA do not run the IHAM in 2015, don’t despair your association runs a wide variety of events throughout the year so support the HBSA in 2015.

E-Mail Tim Castle: rifle.practice@hbsa-uk.org
E-Mail Mike Townsend: rifle.practice@hbsa-uk.org
E-Mail Paul Smith: midlands@hbsa-uk.org
E-Mail Alan Berlin: midweekshoot@hbsa-uk.org
E-Mail Molly Milner: heritage@armsresearch.co.uk
E-Mail Allan Kirk: wessexgroup@hbsa-uk.org

Please refer to the HBSA website for the most up to date information regarding range bookings etc.