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Shotgun Theft

posted 18 Nov 2020, 09:29 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 18 Nov 2020, 09:30 ]
The following is a message received from NCA as part of a social media campaign to remind shotgun owners to take proper precautions to avoid theft. We therefore pass it on to HBSA members. We were informed that 87 shotguns have been stolen since May.

Derek Stimpson

NCA post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram

With some people returning to work, homes that were occupied throughout the first lockdown are being left empty more often, giving shotgun thieves the opportunity to recommence offending.

If you’re a shotgun certificate holder, make sure to secure your home against theft.

Shotgun certificate holders should review current security arrangements for the safe storage and movement of firearms, including:

- Ensure weapons are locked away at all times when not being used.

- Keys to the gun safe are secured away from safe itself and the location of these kept discrete.

- Ensuring windows and doors are locked when out or in the garden.

- Ensure alarm systems are maintained and serviced and provide appropriate coverage.

- Be aware of any suspicious activity such as people watching your property, or following you back from places where the shotgun may have been used/seen.

- Be aware of open talk about firearms ownership in public places which could lead to you being targeted by criminals.

- Be discreet about who you tell that you own firearms.

- Vehicles in which weapons are being carried should not be left unattended.

- Weapons carried should be secured to the vehicle chassis to prevent opportunist theft.

If you see anything suspicious please contact your local police force on 101. In an emergency please call 999.