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Theft of Historic Ancilliaries at Bisley

posted 23 Jun 2017, 14:30 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 23 Jun 2017, 14:33 ]
Members please note the following message from the Rick Wells, Head of Range services at NRA.

Many thanks
Derek Stimpson

NRA have recently had a theft reported by a member, I have pasted below an extract from the member's Incident Report. This occurred on Friday 5th May:

I arrived early at the Zero Range to sight in my Lee Enfield .303 No 4 T sniper rifle. I am lucky to have the complete matching ‘kit’ bought some 20 years ago but only brought this morning the rifle, and telescopic sight in its tin case. I tend to visit this range early when it is quiet but on this morning there were already 2 others there setting up. I unpacked my gear on the shelf behind the 3rd firing point from the entrance and mounted the sight on the rifle. The range then quite quickly became very busy with people arriving, lining up and waiting to shoot. I asked one person if there was a competition on and he said “yes”. They all seemed to be firing three ‘qualifying’ shots and then finishing. I put the rifle on the mat and walked forward, mounted my target and returned. I then fired 5 shots and when agreed with other shooters walked forward to check my target. Being busy I then let another shooter take my place on the firing point before I resumed and then finished. When I started to pack up I could not find the sights lens cover (brown leather, marked BHG 1944 on the connecting strap) and they were not in the sight case I had left open.

The member is sure that the lens cover must have been taken, we hoped, initially, by accident but it seems not.

I am writing to you requesting that you warn your members to be careful with valuable historic equipment and make sure that it is secure and secondly if you should hear of a set of lens covers for sale I ask that you inform me.