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The Met Police FLD have advised us of the following useful and practical update.

posted 18 Jul 2020, 13:56 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 18 Jul 2020, 13:56 ]
We also understand that FLDs across the UK are generally looking to move forward with grants again in addition to renewals and variations. Some have medical checks pending which you should clear as soon as possible. We understand that Medcert has proved helpful during “lockdown".

Any member requiring assistance is welcome to get in touch.


Derek Stimpson

The Met FLD are now:
· Processing renewals via a mix of remote techniques (video and phone calls) and face to face visits.
· Accepting variations.
· Accepting visitors permits.
· Working through the grant applications that have been in our system since before CoVid 19 (500). These are all receiving a face to face visit.
Note – These individuals were all written to at the time of lockdown offering opportunity to withdraw or remain in the system. Follow up telephone calls have also been made to ensure that they have been kept updated on our plans.
· Recommencing our interactions with and inspections of RFDs and Clubs

And on 27th July we plan to open up to all new grant business.

What changes can your members / colleagues expect:
· Pre-attendance risk assessments – Our FEOs will be asking a number of questions regarding the health of the applicant and other occupants of the home as well as attempting to judge the space within the home and whether social distancing can be implemented before any visits are conducted.
· Protective measures – Dependent on many different factors FEOs may ask for part of the visit to be completed outside or that windows are opened to increase airflow and may wear PPE (Mask and/or gloves) as appropriate.
· Online applications (Grant & Renewal) being encouraged – On 13th July we took a major step towards moving our paper case management system to a digital format. This has numerous benefits both to us and the shooting community and has the potential to enhance the service we offer. A significant factor in ensuring success will be a shift toward receiving more of our applications in an electronic format. We recognise that some of the community may be barred from accessing services via the internet so will continue to offer paper forms. These can be requested via a phone call to our office.
The secondary benefit to this digital system is that it also safeguards our services in the event of further CoVid outbreaks. The less we are reliant on a physical workplace the more options we have to maintain services.