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Use of Steel Ammunition & Proof Mark Equivalency Table

posted 22 Mar 2020, 09:50 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 22 Mar 2020, 09:50 ]
We have received this information from the Birmingham Proof House. If you have any queries, please direct them to me and not to the Proof House.

Dear All,

Please see the attached paper relating to the use of steel ammunition and the relevant CIP/equivalent UK national proof mark table I have produced on behalf of the British Proof Authority.

There are currently a number of papers in circulation, most concentrating on the history leading up to the current position, or the political situation. This paper is intended to be as simple as possible, providing dealers and the general shooting public a guide to what options are currently available to them in a format they can understand. 

Please feel free to circulate, we will also be distributing through our customer and associates network.

Best regards,

Samuel S Perry
Deputy Proof Master
Birmingham Proof House
Banbury Street
B5 5RH

Derek Stimpson