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Wetlands and lead

posted 6 Jan 2021, 09:01 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 6 Jan 2021, 09:01 ]
Studying the Official Journal of the EU during the final days of 2020 we failed to see anything connected with the EU Lead in Wetlands Regulation. BSSC checked with FACE Brussels yesterday for confirmation, and the following from FACE UK seems to confirm that while shooting has not enjoyed an easy start in 2021, we have at least avoided any new EU restrictions regarding lead shot and wetlands. 

FACE quotation:- 

"The European Parliament has not yet published the lead shot over wetlands restriction in the official journal which is seemingly good news for UK shooters as the restriction should now not apply to us.”

FYI Lead shot is already prohibited in UK for wild fowling over wetlands (note that the prohibition different in the four nations). The specific point mentioned above is regarding a definition of “temporary wetlands”, boundary definition and carrying lead shot (reverse burden of proof).

If this had gone through lead shot might have been prohibited on any temporary wetland which might have included a clay ground or range,

Best wishes

Derek Stimpson