HBSA Journal Volume 1 (1973 - 1987)

 HBSA Journal
Vol 1 No 1 (1973)

HBSA Journal V1N01 cover

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Editorial - Launch of HBSA; Green Paper on Firearms Control; aims of the journal

William Ellis Metford by Dr C H Roads; brief biography; introduction to the Metford Letters

Metford Letters - January 1868 to July 1868

The development of the Breechloading Action in Great Britain - Part 1 - Early Days by I. M. Crudgington; discussion of sporting gun pinfire actions 1851 -1860

Armourer-Sergeants' Field Tool Chest. Drawing and list of contents 1869

Extracts from the Eley Catalogue of 1910

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HBSA Journal
Vol 1 No 2 (1974)

HBSA Journal V1N02 cover

Editorial - review of the association's first year; discussion with Home Office to enable firearms to be brought to meetings.

Letters to the Editor -    collecting information on stripping and reassembly of actions.

Metford Letters - July 1868 to March 1871

What is it? Implement for crimping a "Paradox" Bullet into a 8 bore shotgun cartridge.

Internal Ballistics by A. J. Dewis - composition of propellants, propellant burning, effect of barrel length on efficiency, recoil energy, time of flight of bullet in barrel, average pressure in bore, pressure time curve.

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 HBSA Journal
Vol 1 No 3 (1975)

HBSA Journal V1N03 cover

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Editorial - Price rise antique firearms.

What is it? .22 semiautomatic pistol of unknown manufacture.

Ball and Shot Guns; the Paradox by J. M. Bell; Discussion of various designs and patents by Fosbery, Webley, Greener, Perkes, Douglas and Hussey, Durnford, and Taylor.

Metford Letters - March 1871 to February 1872

A Review of British Military Smallarms Ammunition by Captain J. P. Munnery Royal corps of Signals; From 577 Snider to 7.62 x 51 including various experimental rounds

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HBSA Journal
Vol 1 No 4 (1976)

HBSA Journal V1N04 cover

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Editorial -Comment on BBC series on "The Gun" Call for members to promote collecting and shooting

John Warrick and the Soper Rifle; brief biography; discussion of Warrick's entry in the 1867 design competition to replace the Snider Enfield; His many demonstrations of the Soper rifle against Martini-Henry rifle; Warrick-Elliot partnership and contract.

Metford Letters - February 1872 to April 1874

Modern Trends in Developments of Military Small Arms Ammunition by Captain J. P. Munnery Royal Corps of Signals; discussion of 7.62 x 51 and contemporary cartridges from around the world; Flechettes; Encapsulated Hi-Lo Cartridges; Caseless Cartridges; Multiple Projectiles; Squeeze Bore; Cartridge Materials; Conclusion.

ISBN  978-1-326-42846-4


 HBSA Journal
Vol 1 No 5 (1977)

HBSA Journal V1N05 cover


  Editorial - Ad Hoc Committee on Historic Firearms; definition of an antique firearm

Letters to the Editor - German Commercial Rifles, Shotguns and Combination guns;

Saloon Rifles and Pistols by  DJ Penn; Flobert; bulleted breech caps; Warnant; Saloon and Garden Gun cartridge check list

Metford Letters - June 1874 to December 1875

Exterior ballistics of the Snider Enfield by AJ Dewis - Exterior ballistic theory, application to smallarms, comparison of computer calculated with observed trajectory, mathematical model tables and graphs,

Catalogue of Auguste Marze, St. Etienne early 20c.- shotguns, rifles

ISBN  978-1-326-42849-5


 HBSA Journal
Vol 1 No 6 (1979)

HBSA Journal V1N06 cover

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  Editorial - General Election; 'Law and Order' Proposed Green Paper contained an attack on ownership of firearms; Call for members to lobby their local MP

Great War British Sniping Rifle by C.R. Cleverly; Development of sniping to counter German snipers; comment on "Sniping in France" by Major H. Hesketh-Pritchard; discussion of telescopic sights;  Sniper rifles based on the short Lee-Enfield Mk. III and Mk. III*; double mounts; Aldis telescopic sights; Watts & Son telescopic sights; single mounts; Periscopic Prism Company telescopic sights; Wm. Evans telescopic sights; Winchester A5 telescopic sight; optical (Galillean) sights; Variants based on P14 Enfield; model 1918 telescopic sight; the sniping and sniper organisation

Metford Letters - January 1876 to December 1877

Book Reviews; 'The British shotgun' by I. M. Crudgington and D. J. Baker.; 'Quick or Dead' by William L Cassidy; 'Bibliography of the Technology and History of Small arms and Machine guns' by Wolfgang Seel.

Theft of an important collection of Arms; loss of an important Swiss collection.

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 HBSA Journal
Vol 1 No 7 (1982)

HBSA Journal V1N07 cover

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  Editorial - Discussion of  growth in investment collecting of antiques affecting the collection of firearms; comment on the difficulty in collecting historic breech loading firearms in UK; discussion on differences in firearms legislation across Europe; comment  harmonising legislation across Europe.

A brief history of Maurice Egerton by M. T. Davenport FCA; brief biography; early firearm designs; motor racing; seven barrelled single shot .22rf rifle; development of rifling machine; double barrelled .22 automatic rifle; cup wad development.

The Patents of Jacob Snider Junior by A. J. Dewis; Snider's breechloading patents 1862 - 1865

The Vickers G.O. Gun by G.F. Wallace; brief history of Vickers G.O. Gun development; Replacement of Lewis Gun by the gun; defects in early guns and their resolution; wartime use.

Metford Letters - January 1878 to February 1878

Comments on the Metford Letters - January 1868 - January 1878

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  HBSA Journal
Vol 1 No 8 (1984)

HBSA Journal V1N08 cover

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  President's Address - HBSA tenth anniversary; Cocktail party at the House of Lords; defeat of the Green Paper; announcement of the Association's Medal for the most outstanding contribution to arms research.

Editorial - devoting an entire copy of the HBSA Journal to Jim Hallam's account of discovering a new model of Colt S.A.A.(SAA) revolver;

Colt's 'Bisley Model' Revolver by Jim Hallam; development of the Colt S.A.A.(SAA) Revolver, M1873; production figure by calibre; the M1888 Flat Top Target;evolution of the 'Bisley Mode' M1894, M1895, fixed sight models; Statistics, analysis of production by type; analysis of production by calibre of various types; structure of Bisley Models compared with 'standard' S.A.A.; contemporary influences on target revolver design;the M1897 Bisley Model, a previously undocumented model;description and dimensions of the author's M1897; demise of the Bisley Model

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 HBSA Journal
Vol 1 No 9 (1985)

HBSA Journal V1N09 cover

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  President's Address - the Sheffield meeting of rifle and pistol clubs which was hoped to lead to the formation of a HBSA northern branch; BBC series 'Soldiers'

Editorial - Peter Cottis's translation of Flobert's patent and the difficulties translating technical articles; call for any material for future journals

Notes on Flobert by Peter Cottis; description of Flobert system; differences of typical Flobert weapons between the UK and USA; brief biography of Louis Flobert; what did Flobert invent?

Translation of Flobert's Patent by Peter Cottis; description of system; notes on the translation; drawings; explanation of the drawings; bibliography

Flobert ammunition by Peter Cottis; Eley Catalogue 1914-1915; Flobert ammunition and chamber specifications C.I.P. 5.6mm(.22"), 6mm, 9mm,

Remo Guns; Reproduction of catalogue of Gebruder Rempt, Suhl, Germany;

The British Boxer Primer; description of Boxer's patent; discussion of section cartridges

James Dixon's Cartridge Reloading Tool; discussion of various boxer cartridge reloading tools made by Dixon

Rifles v Shotguns Contemporary Comment; difference between collectors of shotguns and rifles; shotguns are generally intended to be made for continuing ownership over generations where as target rifles tend to be functional; the risk of older rifles of poor appearance being discarded and not preserved; many of the 50's, 60's and 70's target rifles are likely to be lost

Book Reviews; 'A Century of Sights and Sighting Aids' by Edna Parker; 'English Pistols" by Howard Blackmore; 'The Ross Rifle Story' by Phillips, Dupuis and Chadwick

ICI Black Sporting Powders; grain sizes; reproduction of B.P.9 ICI 'Black Sporting Gunpowders' Home Trade Price List 2nd March 1931

Obituary of Dr. Gerlich; The Times 1st September 1934

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  HBSA Journal
Vol 1 No 10 (1987)

HBSA Journal V1N10 cover

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  President's Address - co-existence of collectors,historians and marksmen in the HBSA; reduction  of opportunities to own historic arms due to price rising as a result of increased interest; Gibbs Metford Farquarson changing hands for £3,500 to £4,500; Canadian long range black powder competitions; modern black powder performance poor in comparison to nineteenth century match black powder; preservation of historical integrity

Editorial - Apology to Peter Cottis; material on Soper in this issue provided by Clifford Owen; call for material for the journal

Soper Rifle original sales literature

Opinions of the Press - The Soper Rifle - between 16 April 1870 and 5 July 1879

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