HBSA Journal Volume 4 (2009 - 2018)

 HBSA Journal
Vol 4 No 1 (2009)

HBSA Journal V4N01 cover

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A Treatise on the Albini–Braendlin Fusil Modèle 1853-1867. M/80 by Guy and Leonard A-R-West
Belgium breechloading test, Bavaria, Britain-Australia, France, Italy, Japan, Portugal, mechanism, markings, Yataghan sabre, Belgian 11mmx50R cartridge, handling & shooting 

Collecting Rifle Clips and Chargers by Bill Harriman
definition of clips & chargers, development, patents 

From Abel to Whitworth, Ian Fleming and the Incunabula of Modern Progress by Clifford Bryant
Ian Fleming's library, The Book Collector, Percival Muir

The Vickers Luger Pistol: Incontrovertibly Made in England; A case of Co-operation or Collusion in the Post-1918 British and German Smallarms Industries? by Dr Stephen C. Sambrook
Vickers Parabellum, new evidence, post-contract efforts to sell pistols

Book Reviews: The All New Collector's Guide to Remington Rolling Block Military Rifles of the World by Layman, The Luger Snail Drum and Other Accessories for the Artillery Model Luger by Sayre


ISBN  978-1-326-42992-8


HBSA Journal
Vol 4 No 2 (2010)

HBSA Journal V4N02 cover

A Treatise on the Italian Fucile Vetterli–Vitali Repeating Rifle Modello 1870/87(90) by Guy and Leonard A-R-West
ameliorationof M.1870, M.1870 to M.1870/87, mechanism & features, markings, manufacture, accessories, bayonet, cartridges M.1870 & M.1890, M.70/87/15, Ulster Volunteers, handling & shooting 

A St Moritz Gunsmith – The Vetterli cartridge & Hunting in Graubünden by Derek Stimpson, Michael Koller, 10.3x60, .413 Raptor

Henry Herbert Harrod 1870–1945: A Communication from Dr Robin Harrod
family history, Times article 1914 

How Explosives are Made by William G. FitzGerald
Strand Magazine 1895 visit to Royal Gunpowder Factory at Waltham Abbey, manufacturing details of cordite and blackpowder 

Death by Fosbery by Frederick Wilkinson
Old Bailey report of 1908 murder with a Webley Fosbery

Some Concluding Comments by Clifford Bryant
valedictory report by departing Editor

ISBN  978-1-326-43031-3


 HBSA Journal
Vol 4 No 3 (2011)

HBSA Journal V4N03 cover

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Jägerbüchse M/65 - The Prussian model 1865 needle-fire rifle by Guy and Leonard A-R-West
Prussian light infantry Jager troops, M.1849 M.54 M.65, mechanism features accessories bayonet ammunition, handling and firing   

Making Cartridges for the Dreyse by David W Chappell
Leichte Perscussions Gewehr M.1841, Dreyse breech loading bolt action needle rifle, paper cartridge tubes, sabot bullet primer blackpowder

The Development of British Signal Pistols from 1882 to 1919 by Molly Milner
naval trials, flare colours, colour codes, visibility, Webley signal pistols No.1 Mk 1 & No.2 Mk 1, factory production

Match Rifle Experimental Committee 1919-1933 by Mr Cecil Mack Mick Kelly and Ian Patrick
.303" Magnum, streamline and Bisley bullets, Bisley trials 

Turbiaux’s Protector Pistol by Jean-Pierre Bastié
6mm & 8mm CF palm pistol, patent 1883, self-protection

Winchester Firearms Exports to France in World War I by Michael F. Carrick
M.1894 30-30 carbines, M.1907 & M.1910

Active Service Revolver Training by Captain Percy Vollmer (1918) by David Penn
charging man targets

ISBN  978-1-326-43072-6


HBSA Journal
Vol 4 No 4 (2012)

HBSA Journal V4N04 cover

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Gunmaking by Machinery : Birth of the consumer society by Peter Smithurst
interchangeability, American System of Manufacture, Eli Whitney, Colt, Robbins & Lawrence, Henry, Greenwood & Batley

Skin Deep: An investigation into protective surface coatings on firearms by Suzanne J. Dalewicz-Kitto
museum conservation, historic coatings v waxes v oils, corrosion tests

The internet and firearms research with reference to the .43 Spanish Remington Rolling-Block and its ammunition by David A. Thombs & Stephen P. Barrett
research results digest, observations on internet research, In Memoriam for Dr.Miller

A “Poli-Chambered Gun” and James Thomson’s Patent of 1814
by Graeme J. Rimer by Derek Stimpson
Gunmakers Company collection, patent 1814, 9 chambered flintlock rifle, unusual vertical pivoting chamber block

ISBN  978-1-326-43074-0


 HBSA Journal
Vol 4 No 5 (2013)

HBSA Journal V4N05 cover


  Repetiergewehr Schmidt-Rubin System Modell 1889 by Guy and Leonard A-R-West
Schmidt 1832-1898, Rubin 1846-1920, smokeless powder, M.1889 M.1889/96, manufacture mechanism markings accessories bayonet, handling and firing, 7.5mm ammunition

The Schönberger Pistol. The Delayed Blowback of Josef Laumann - Revisited by Clifford Bryant
Laumann's self-loading pistol patents, specifications functioning & nature of mechanism 

Machine Guns before Maxim by Peter Smithurst
volley gun, mitrailleuse, mechanical repeater, Gatling, Hotchkiss, Gardner

Forward to The von Oppen Letters by Richard Milner, Tony Taylerson archives, Colt's Pall Mall London Agency letters 1859

The von Oppen Letters, Baron F von Oppen, Frederick Von Oppen, 1854-59 to Col.Sam.Colt Hartford Connecticut USA

ISBN  978-1-326-43076-4


 HBSA Journal
Vol 4 No 6 (2014)

HBSA Journal V4N06 cover

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  The Reffye Mitrailleuse 1867 by Rob Brassington & Patrick Marder
'canon a balles', Napoleon III, drawings mechanism operation, rest plate, loading firing & unloading cycle, ammunition, effect in action

Mauser Pistolen: Vorsprung Durch Technik - Mauser Pistols - Progress through Technology 1896 to 1945 by Graham Norgett
Mauser Werke, C96 Broomhandle,  Flap Lock Rocker Lock, Blowback, Side Flap Retarded Blowback, Dropping Block, Rotating Barrel, Wedge Lock, Mass/Gas Retarded Blowback, Roller Lock

British Army Rifle Trials: Sergeant-Major Wallingford and the London Olympics of 1908 by Nicholas A Harlow
career, Fourth Olympiad, Wallingford's rifle, Long Lee-Enfield, rifling trials, SMLE

The Von Oppen Letters December 1868 - March 1869, Foreword by Richard Milner
Colt's Patent FireArms Manufacturing Co. London Office Pall Mall, Frederick Von Oppen (Agent), Colt's Hartford Connecticut, conversion of revolvers

Erratum to Vol 4 No 5 2013: The Schonberger Pistol

ISBN  978-1-326-43077-1