HBSA Report anno XXXII (2004-2005)

Volume 1

President's Address to the A.G.M. 2004
Labour Party Charters for Shooting and Fishing
Conservative Party Charter for Country Sports in England and Wales
Notes on Spanish Automatic Pistols
Auditor - September / October 2004

Volume 2

FESAC Feedback
The Swedish Connection
Third World Handguns - Poor Man's Pistols
Auditor - December 2004
Saddle Sores & Lessons Learned - The Evolution of Cavalry 1899-1914

Volume 3

FESAC Feedback
Handbook of the Rifle for Use in Schools (Part 1)
Auditor - February 2005

Volume 4

Violent Crime Reduction Bill - H.B.S.A. Response
Storage of Shooters' Powders
Storage of Shooters' Powder, Water-based Explosives, Detonators and Detonating Cord
Handbook of the Rifle for Use in Schools (Part 3)
Auditor - April/May/June/July 2005