Beretta 1915 self-loading pistol 9 mmG
Berthier 1890 magazine bolt-action rifle 8x50mmR
Bisley - The National Shooting Centre
Bodeo 1889 revolver 10.35 mm
British No.1 Mk 1 Flare Pistol with shoulder stock
British No.2 Mk 1 Flare Pistol
British Pistol, signal, Very's cartridge, Mark III
Browning 1900 self-loading pistol 7.65mm
Browning 1903 self-loading pistol 9mm
Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) .30 06
Chandler Trench Periscope adaptation of a Long Lee-Enfield Rifle
Chauchat machine gun 8mm
Colt 1908 self-loading pistol .380"
Colt 1911 self-loading pistol .45" ACP
Colt New Service revolver .455"
Enfield M1917 magazine bolt-action rifle .30-06
Enfield P1914 magazine bolt-action rifle .303
French 25mm model 1917 Flare Pistol
French model 1892 revolver 8mm
French Ordnance 1873 revolver 11mm
FrencOrdnance 1873 revolver 11mm
German 1894 Hebel Heer Fliegertruppe Flare/ Signal Pistol
German Druckknopf 26.5mm Flare Pistol
German Kommandantur Lille Flare Pistol
German M1889 Naval Flare Pistol
Glisenti 1910 self-loading pistol 9mm
Italian Ordnance 1874 revolver 10.35mm
Jeffrey 1908 magazine bolt-action rifle .333Jeffrey
Lebel 1886 M93
Lee-Enfield 1896 Cavalry Carbine magazine bolt-action rifle .303
Lee-Metford 1888 magazine bolt-action rifle .303
Lewis machine gun .303
Long Lee-Enfield 1895 magazine bolt-action rifle .303
Luger P.08 self-loading pistol 9mm
Mannlicher 1895 magazine straight-pull rifle 8×56mmR
Martini-Henry 1887 single-shot lever-action rifle .577/450"
Matchless motorcycle combination with Vickers machine gun
Mauser 1898 Gewehr 98 magazine bolt-action rifle 7.92×57mm
Mauser 1898 Karabiner98 magazine bolt-action rifle 7.92×57mm
Mauser 1914 self-loading pistol 7.65 mm
Mauser C96 self-loading pistol & shoulder stock 7.63 mm
Mauser versus Lee-Enfield rapid fire
Maxim machine gun 7.62x54mmR
Moisin Nagant 1891 magazine bolt-action rifle 7.62x54mmR
Moschetto Modelo 1891
Nagant 1895 revolver 7.62 mm
Rast & Gasser 1898 revolver 8mm
Reichsrevolver 1883 revolver 11mm
Ross Mk III 1910 magazine straight-pull rifle .303
Roth-Steyr 1907 self-loading pistol 8mm
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